Friday, April 18, 2014

Mandi Kerbau

Both my kids started to take their own bath at around 6 years old. For my girl, she is doing a good job. Maybe girl are more particular with cleanliness. But for my boy, the best word to describe him will be MANDI  KERBAU !

My boy hates to bath even when he was young. During his toddler years, I have a hard time to get him into the bathroom. Usually, he will ended up crying. When he entered kindergarten, nothing changed. He can wear his uniform from morning till evening (till the time we came back home from work). MIL who was taking care of them can't do anything as he just refused to bath. Every time when MIL asked him to bath, my girl will be the first to ran to the bathroom instead.

Now, he is in his primary years and yet, nothing changed ! Every time when we reached home after work, he will still be in his uniform. Imagine, wearing that uniform from 7am till 6pm !!!!!

By the time he saw us home, he will only moved his butt slowly to the bathroom. Getting him to take his bath is one tough task, but worst was, he bath F1 style. So fast that you can't even imagine how he did it ! I wondered if he ever used the soap but he insisted that he did.

No. I did not let him go so easily. I will forced him back into the bathroom, stood at the door and see him bath instead. No choice but I want to make sure he bath properly from head to toes. Sometimes, he did a good job, but sometimes, he need to be pushed a little bit. Sigh....boy oh boy....... Do all boys hate to bath ?

Thursday, April 17, 2014


The wonder of nature ~ such beautiful sky
I like nature. I love rainbow and green mountains and I love inhaling fresh air. I love waterfalls and love the sound of waves.

But my favourite are the clouds. I love to look up to the sky to see the different shapes of clouds. Some are so white and so cottony soft. I've always wonder how nice if I can touch and smell the cloud. haha....

Whenever I saw unique shaped of clouds, I will show my kids and will asked them to tell me what shape they saw. Kids can get really creative and their answers always surprised me.

I love to look at clouds mainly because they will only be at that particular shapes for a few seconds. Every blink of an eye, you will noticed the cloud changed it's pattern. They are so precious.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

This morning

It was raining heavily this morning. Very early in the morning. It caused a massive jam and we nearly ran late to the school. Luckily YX was cooperative and quickly got himself ready. We arrived ON time. Just nice to hear the bell rings. Haha.... YX was so anxious because he was afraid his teacher will punished him. He always told me his teachers used cane to punish students. He was so scared.

Luckily the rain was not that heavy anymore when we reached the school. It drizzled so we just walked to the classroom without any umbrella. It was just a short distance from the parking lot. I helped to carry his bag into his classroom and phew.....teacher was not there yet. I quickly made a move, otherwise I might be late to the office. Such weather caused heavy traffic and slippery road. Must drive carefully.

Just as I was walking towards my car. I saw YX classmate's mum. She was with her maid, walking towards their car. The lady opened up her umbrella since it was still drizzling, but I was surprised, she did not share the umbrella with her maid. She just walked on her own and the maid, walking behind her under the drizzle. Sad to see this. I don't think it is wrong to share an umbrella with the maid. Well, I don't have a maid so I can't make further judgement. But to me, maid is a human too.

Then when I got into my car, I suddenly realized there was a beautiful and huge rainbow above the sky ! It had been quite some time I last saw a rainbow. What more, such a huge rainbow. it very much.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

An Accident

Last Saturday, MIL fetched my girl for her ballet lessons. On the way, they met with an accident. Thank god no one was hurt even the car's door (driver side) was badly damaged. The accident happened INSIDE a petrol station.

Both parties made a police report separately. It was quite a complicated case. Both were right and both were wrong too depending on how you view it. However, the police issued a summon to MIL, saying it was her mistake in view of the 'undang - undang'.

The petrol station has 2 entrances and 2 exits. MIL turned into the back entrance of the petrol station to cut through the empty space at the side of the petrol station to get into the opposite road. There is a road further down for a proper U-turn but it was very jammed during that time. 9 out of 10 cars will used the Petrol station road to make the U-turn, so it was a very common move. However, we, include MIL rarely use the petrol station to make the U-turn unless necessary just like what happened that day - very jammed.

As for the other party, he just finished filling up petrol and was turning out from one of the petrol pump and driving straight towards the exit of the petrol station.Suddenly, the car banged into the driver's side door of MIL's car. Everything happened so fast. Luckily my girl fasten her seat belt and she only suffered light bruises on her knee. * Please remember to buckle once you are inside the car. You won't know what will happened on the road *  

Police said the other party was moving on his own lane (towards the exit) which is considered his road and it was a straight road. Therefore, MIL should have to be more careful if she needs to pass through that road. It was not wrong for MIL to drive through that road too because MIL entered the petrol station using the proper entranced but she just need to be more careful. Even the other party banged on us, it was still our mistake as we 'cut' their road.

We (MIL & I) even went to the petrol station together with the sergeant in charged to show him how the accident happened and showed him which road MIL turned in the other day. The friendly sergeant was quite approachable.

We had paid the summon and is now waiting to claim the insurance. MIL was very sad but what done cannot be undone. It was an accident and nobody wants it to happen if we have a choice.

Reminder Again ~ Please remember to fasten up the seat belt whenever you are in a car. It does make a difference ! 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Precious Memories

Last November, I saw Groupon giving out 1 million free Photobook. I quickly redeem one even I do not know how it works ! After the successful redemption, I slowly read the terms & conditions and noticed the voucher valid until May 2014.

Not until March 2014, I started my project. I took so many days to select the photographs and used nearly 1 month to complete this project because I was too fickle minded. There are too many designs and backgrounds to choose from.

Half way doing the 1st book, Groupon had another promotion where we can buy the Photobook at RM12 nett. I quickly purchased because I wanted to make one for my parents too !

Finally, last Thursday I completed both books and was amazed by their FAST service. I received both books on Saturday by Gdex courier service.

Book 1 ~ Our precious memories with the kids from Year 2010 - Year 2013
Book 2 ~ More on my parents and our overseas trip together.

2 books received safely at my office

The kids at a water theme park during 2010.

Our recent trip to Kuala Selangor / Sekinchan

Kids playing at the playground. Such precious memories !

The back of the book cover. I chose the kids holding hand because it was so heart warming. I've blogged about this post over here. 
I was very happy with the end product. The time spent to design the Photobook was so worth it. I'm sure my parents will be very happy to receive their copy when we meet up on our next trip. It will be a pleasant surprised for them as well as a great Parents' Day gift !

Saturday, April 12, 2014

When they were asleep ........

........we sneaked out !

Last Saturday, after both kids were asleep, both hubby and I decided to go for a movie date. We checked the cinema's website and decided to watch Captain America. We wanted the 9.50pm shows but it was sold out. The next available one was at 11.15pm. Tickets were limited too but we managed to get 2 in the middle row.
Once in a while, having a movie date with hubby would be great. No disturbance from the kids and we can enjoyed the movie from the start till the end. If the kids were with us, they will be asking so many questions and we will be going "shhh shhh, don't talk". LOL !

The movie ended at around 1.15am and surprisingly, I wasn't tired at all. It had been a long time I never sleep after midnight. Normally, at around 10pm, I will be yawning away and my eyelids would be very heavy. But that night, I felt so fresh.

Maybe the handsome actor (who acted as Captain America) freshen me up. Haha.....

Hope we will have more movie dates when the kids sleep. How blissful.............

p/s : But I do have plans to bring them for RIO 2......a movie I'm looking forward to. 

Friday, April 11, 2014


Hi peeps..... I've been missing from blogsphere lately. Was busy with something and will blog about it soon, hopefully.

Initially, I was planning to update my blog on next Monday but YX made me so angry yesterday night, that made me wanted to blog about it now. He is 8 this year and he is soooooooo STUBBORN !

Before bedtime, YX must drink a cup of MILO with oats. We were in the bedroom yesterday and I told him to follow me to the kitchen so I can make him the drink. No room service at my home. He obeyed and after finished his drink, it was only around 8.30pm. Since he had already finished his homework, I told him to sleep early. I wanted to wash the dishes and do the laundry, so I won't be going up so soon. 

He insisted me to accompany him to the bedroom !

I told him I have things to do so he should go to the bedroom himself. XJ already slept at that time and hubby is in the bedroom. I don't see any problem why he can't go to the room himself.

Being stubborn, he insisted me to accompany him. I refused and he stubbornly sat at the staircase waiting for me. I was so angry and really wanted to smack him, but I told myself not to. I also tried to control myself not to shout at him like a mad woman, but seeing him 'challenging me', I rose my voice a little and asked him to go to the room by himself.

He still insisted and refused to move !

The 'angel' inside me told me to just accompany him up since it won't take more than 1 minute. He can sleep and I can continue with my chores. No fuss.

But the 'devil' inside me kept repeating in my head "Don't listen to him. Don't make it a habit. He is old enough to do it by himself".

I ignored him. I'm also as stubborn as him. He wasn't too pleased and was cranky and whining. Finally, hubby must had heard my shouting earlier, came down and once YX saw his father (meaning someone to accompany him to the bedroom), he quickly ran up to the room. Of course hubby nagged at him too.

About 30 minutes later (after I'd finished all my chores), I went up to my room and saw him already sleeping soundly. I knew he was already very tired but ................sigh.....I hope I can be more patience with him. I hope he is not that difficult to be deal with when he grows up one day. Breath in.......Breath out......

If this happened to you, will you be the angel or the devil ?

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