Monday, March 23, 2009

1st International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta @ Putrajaya 2009

Clown Hot Air Balloon from Belgium

Peacock Hot Air Balloon (country unknown). I like this one the most. It was majestic!

Elephant Hot Air Balloon from Belgium (my son's favourite)

Hot Air Balloon from Netherlands

Puffing air/gas to inflate the hot air balloon

It was really an eye opening. I've never seen a real Hot Air Balloon live, as I've only seen them via the tv, newspaper and books. The balloons was really big and colouful. I was more excited than my son running up and down as it was a big area and I does not want to miss every single balloon. Even it was crowded with people, I still managed to squeeze myself to the front and captured some nice photos. There were a total of about 20 balloons.

This fiesta was from 19 - 22 March 2009. As hubby and I only have a precious Sunday to spare, we have no choice but to go on the last day. We were lucky enough to be able to attend anyway. Our journey starts at 6.20 am leaving Seremban and drove all the way to Putrajaya, which took about an hour drive. By the time we reached the place where the fiesta is held, it was already crowded with people. Glad that we arrived early as only a short wait, the Hot Air Balloon was being puff with air/gas and once it was lighted, it took off in seconds. We only managed to took a glimpse of each balloon and they slowly dissapear from our sight. Heard from the announcement, the balloons will be landing in an empty space around Putrajaya and the show will only be repeated again in the evening.
In between the period, there will be other activities such as children colouring contest, remote control flying aircraft display, Para motor showcase, kite flying competition and paper airplane contest. However, the organiser was kind enough to leave one Hot Air Balloon which was tied with rope on all four corners around the basket (below the balloon) to the ground, for children and parents to ride on it. The balloon was raised to a few feets high and then down again. Anyway, we left after the Hot Air Balloon show and did not try the ride which I'm regretting now.


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