Monday, March 30, 2009


See how lucky kids are nowadays. Below are the pictures of bed frames for kids. I took them from the bedding catalogue. My FIL bought two for both YX & XJ. I still remember both my brother and I don't even have any bed during our growing up times. We slept on a piece of thin mattress laid on the floor and sometimes, we even rolled under our parent's bed. That was during our primary school time.

Shape of a ship (double decker bed). The staircase (orange colour) are also drawers. At first, wanted to select this, but after second thoughts, it is still not suitable for small children to sleep because:

BOTTOM - No protection at the side. Kids will roll down to the floor easily.
TOP - Too dangerous for kids at YX & XJ's age. Especially YX because he love to jump!

Another reason is, hubby once slept in this type of bed (traditional double decker) before, and don't know for what reason, the whole bed frame toppled down. Maybe due to the bed are too old or he is too heavy! Not a good choice anyway.

Shape of a car. The two on the left have an extra bed on the bottom which could be pull out.

Shape of a 'sports' car

The above are for YX & XJ. Guess you all will know which colour is for who. Both hubby and I choose the above because the wheels look real. You will notice the others' wheels are like cardboard stick on the four sides. The other reason is the opening is on the side way, just like you board a real car. The others opening are in front. Hope the kids will love our selection as they are still too young to select themselves now. Do not know when the bed frame will arrive. Just can't wait to see the real one.


  1. Hi, May I know where u got the beds? Looking for 1 for my 19 mth old daughter too. Thanks.

  2. hi, me also want to know where u got this bed?

    1. Hi, it was shipped all the way from China. I guess, M'sia furniture shop do have something similar...u may check them out too. But I don't know bout the price though.


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