Monday, March 16, 2009

First Time

Yes, everyone have their First Time. So do I. My First Time includes:
- broke my left elbow after fallen from the sofa at the age of 3.
- went to the stage to perform @ kindergardent at the age of 5
- add eye and mouth to creat a smiley on the zero mark I received during a Mandarin spelling test at the age of 8.
- Dig the piggy bank to buy some girlie keychain from the catalogue without my parents knowlegde at the age of 14
------- Fast Forward ----------
Suddenly, my first time experiencing morning sickness, labour pain and now a mother of 2. The journey of a motherhood is never easy but fullfilling. There are always laughters no matter how tired and how bad mood we were. There are always there for us.
-------Fast Forward again ------
Now I'm creating my own blog. Yes! My personal blog. I've never thought of blogging but maybe after blog hopping for quite some times, I felt that I have a lots to share, to put them into words and to save those 'priceless' memories into this little diary. There will be more to come...stay tune!

1 comment:

  1. What a great beginning!
    Love way you wrote this piece. Filled with warmth as you chronicled your journey through life. Ha ha!


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