Wednesday, March 25, 2009

gong-gong WHERE are you?

As the Chinese saying goes 'Yi Jiao Tah Liang Chuan' (One leg steps on two boats) meaning want to have both things at the same time is best to describe YX. Yesterday, went to pick up YX and XJ from my brother's house to bring them home as both my parents-in-law are back from their holidays. YX seems to miss gong-gong so much and does not want to follow us home. At the same time, he does not allow us to go home as well.

After some coaxing, YX finally agreed to sit in the car, however, as hubby drove off, he started to cry again and shouting for gong-gong. His cried is so loud until making both hubby and I gave up. Thus, we told him that we are going to turn back to look for gong-gong and asked him to stop crying which he immediately stop. His eye were red and a bit swollen from crying profusely. However, half way to my brother's house, YX slept. So we made another U-turn and went straight back home.

The battle does not stop here. Once reach home, we did not expect him to wake up. Ah....that horrible kid once again yelling and crying for gong-gong. We even offered him sweets and cartoon but was rejected. Do not know what to do, we just leave him there to cry as much as he wants and finally, he stops. Then, he notice one of his toys were on the sofa and from there on, gong-gong was forgotten temporary. Kids are kids. They forget and forgive easily. Peace!


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