Monday, March 16, 2009


This is a 'happening' buffet restaurant which I think its worth the money PAID for such quality foods being served. I've been for 3 times and hope to go again if time permitted. With 2 small children tagging along, its not a good idea to arrange for such outing. My time for indulging those delicious foods will have to be sacrifices onto my kids. Unless both can sit down quietly and enjoy the foods just like their mummy!

There are an array of seafoods, Japanese sushi, fried finger foods, baked, steam, soup type up to quality dessert like Haagan Daaz ice-cream, cute mini-shape cakes, fruits and a few type of fruit juices. I just love their fresh oyster and stir fried meat crab. I can eat plenty of them and they will never run out of stock as the staffs replenish very often. Their services are first class too! For more information, see here

Jogoya....wait for me ya....Will find time to come soon...very soon!


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