Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The loving yet mischievous one

I've saved this post in the draft since yesterday morning (24 hrs ago) but did not publish it because I was unable to load some photos of YX & XJ. I thought the line was bad, so I should tried them today. However, it is still the same! I've been trying for more than 10 times. Yes! 10 times and the photos still was not loaded in. The page keep on showing errors!

As I have no other choice, I will have to amend this post. A post without photos. Here it goes.....

YX can be quite loving at times, but he can be very rebellious too. When the devil is in his head, he will snatch the toy XJ was playing. He even slap his poor little sister's face when she was only 3 months old.

When the brotherly love is in him, he will kiss the little sister's face again and again until we will have to seperate both of them. We will tell him "look, mei mei's (younger sister) face is full of your saliva". Sometimes, he will even arrange toys on the floor and ask XJ to play.

What a character!

Note: If the line gets better, I will post some photos of YX & XJ. I'm very tired now...after failing to upload the photos.


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