Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mama WHERE are you?

My MIL is going for a holiday again. She will be leaving for Guangzhou tomorrow midnight. This time, she will be travelling together with my FIL. As both hubby and I are working, YX & XJ will have to stay with my parents at my brother's house in Senawang (about 15 minutes drive from Seremban town). Yes, my brother is also staying in the N.Sembilan state and when both my parents come, it will be 2 in 1 (meaning can visit both their son & daughter). hahaha....

Ok, back to my children. Yesterday, after dinner, hubby and I send our little prince and princess to my parents. While we were there, both are ok. Happily playing. Seeing them so attached to my parents, we left and YX even waved bye bye to us. Upon reaching home, I called my mum and she assured me both kids are ok. XJ is sleeping in the cradle while YX is still playing with gong gong (maternal grandfather).

So I wash my children's cloths (hand wash), took my bath and while preparing to tuck into my bed, my phone rang. Oh god! Its dad.

Me : Hello
Dad : Your son crying la. Crying until non-stop and he is looking for you
Me : Aiyo...I thought just now he was ok?
Dad : Now he is not! I think you better come...wait arr...
YX : ***Cry cry cry **** mama maammmaaammmm! ! ! ! !
Me : Ok Ok...mama come right now!

*going to faint* So I drag myself out of bed and start to pack some clothing because I'm going to go for a 'vacation' at my brother's house until my MIL returns!

* YAWN* That was already 11pm and by the time I reached my brother's house, YX already stopped crying but he was standing at the main gate with gong gong waiting for me. Even XJ also woke up and po-po (maternal grandmother) was carrying her. Hugs and kisses and all five of us finally managed to sleep at around 12 am.

Are they really so attached to me? So how am I going for a holiday with hubby for another honeymoon?


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