Thursday, March 19, 2009

Steal or Just Take to Feed Hungry Family @ Home?

Yesterday, had buffet BBQ steamboat for dinner with my family. We choose to sit in the open space as it is not that stuffy as inside the shop. While enjoying our meal, my MIL noticed one Indian guy standing at the side of an empty table, looking very suspiciously. As it was still early, there were only 2 or 3 tables being occupied, therefore, it is quite obvious spotting that Indian guy.

Without us realising, the Indian guy suddenly dissapeared, and my MIL noticed a cylinder of cooking gas was also missing. Remember, we were having steamboat, so every table, there is a cylinder of cooking gas. Hubby quickly alerted one of the waiter and he is quite a hero as he gave chase to that thief who was already a few doors away. He managed to save the cylinder of cooking gas which might be used to feed the hungry family of the thief. I supposed as the economic crisis is forcing some people to do that. Anyway, the boss thank us and even told us that this is not the first time such incident had happen. So, why did he still put the cooking gas on an empty table at the side of the shop where it is not easily visible? Lesson never learned?

But the waiter should be given an applaud as he did not even think twice to put into action and in fact, he is a FOREIGNER!


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