Friday, March 27, 2009

Sweet mangoes

I confessed I'm not a fruit lover. Unless they are sweet, I might just take a bite. But lately, I've a crave to eat mango. I do not know why as fruits will never be in my 'to eat' list. But the sweet and juicy mango was just too irresistible.

As I was on the way to the bank yesterday afternoon, luck was shinning on me. Not that I found a million by the road side, but I found my MANGOES! Two malay guys who just set up their stall were still arranging a basket full of mangoes onto the table and there were still a loads full of them at the back of the lorry. So, I stopped and grab my lovely mangoes.

>>>> Fast forward <<<<<<< *Back to the office*

I took out my knife, peel the skin, and wow.......its like in HEAVEN. The sweet, juicy and cold mangoes were HEAVEN! Yes, mango must be eaten cold.

I still have 10 of them in my fridge and am going to eat them all by myself. Got la, share a bit with hubby but while cutting for him, I will steal a piece or two and pop them into my mouth. He won't mind anyway.

Mangoes mangoes, wait for me. I will be eating you after lunch today. Yummy yummy!


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