Monday, April 20, 2009

Another disaster?

Well, it is also a headache but not really a big disaster. FIL's office got flooded yesterday! Hai....why all the bad are happening around this month? First, the workshop's roofings, then now the office.

In the morning, hubby got a phone call from the guard (a pakcik who looks after the workshop during after office hours, weekends and holidays).

"Office macam ada air keluar banyak. Cepat datang tengok". The guard said. (office looks like got a lot of water coming out, please come and see, faster).

Since, both FIL and MIL already went out early in the morning for breakfast and marketing, hubby went alone to the office to find out what has happen. of the pipe in the toilet burst and causing water flowing non stop. The carpet was wet and water overflow thru the office's door. (This is where pakcik saw the water).

Hubby quickly called FIL to report about this 'disaster'. What a BAD LUCK!

Now, the office stink!


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