Monday, April 27, 2009

Dinosaur @ MidValley Exhibition Center

Today felt very sleepy. Even slept at around the same time as every other night, but today felt extra tired. Maybe I walked too much yesterday. Ya.....went for a day trip to Mid Valley! The main purpose was to bring YX to see the Dinosaur. He loves it very much and are very excited, but hubby and I felt a little bit too expensive. This is at the ticketing counter. Click on the picture to get a larger view. See.....Adult RM12 nett/pax and child RM8 nett/pax for age 5 and above.

At the side of the entrance. A small dino on display.

This is the very first model we saw. come it is not a dinosaur? Well, this exhibition is actually a combination of dinosaur and insects, but dinosaurs are more attractive, therefore, it was emphasis as Dinosaur Exhibitions. And how pahetic....only 10 dinosaurs and 6 insects to see......So, basically the entrance fee we paid is very well divided to about RM1 ++/dino. The insects? see for free lo.
A huge beetle..................
Here comes picture turn out to be a bit dark.

This not know what is the name....but looks very ugly hor.

Prying Mantis.......

A collection of butterflies............. must be wondering why there are only 2 dino pictures instead of 10? Well, those photos I took turned out to be dark, so does not intend to load it here. We only spend about 40 minutes inside the hall. Well, if YX was more co-operative with us for photo taking, we might be out from the hall even earlier. Whenever I wanted to take a snap, YX will run towards me as stangers will start to crowd around him. Aii....people also want to take photos mar. Overall, it is not a very good exhibition because there are not much information about the display. Basically, we only pay to look at the model. But for the child experience, its PRICELESS.
:( .... did not manage to buy the 'Tau Sah Piah' with meat floss because I CAN'T FIND THE SHOP!!!!!


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