Thursday, April 2, 2009


These few days, the weather over here is a bit crazy. It gets really hot in the morning and suddenly, the sky turned dark in the afternoon (normally around 2 pm) with thunder and heavy rain. How I hope I'm at home so can get some sleep. It is really nice to sleep during raining season.

Two days ago, due to such weather, a disaster strucked FIL's workshop. Around 4.30 pm, the rain gets heavier with thunderstrom. Our office electricity were cut off and we were sitting in the dark. As not much of work that day, we were all sitting in the office just waiting for the clock to struck 5 pm, waiting to go home. Ya lar, even working in own family business also have to wait until 5 pm only can go home. Have to follow rules.

So, 5 pm came and as we were about to leave the office, we were shocked to see the roofs on the workshop has fallen. (Well, the workshop is another seperate building from our office). FIL went :( Four letter words came out from his mouth cursing and cursing. What a bad day.


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