Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I had a beautiful dream yesterday. It was actually the first time I dreamt about it and can still remember clearly until now (2.35pm). I dreamt of FIREWORKS.

I do not know what occasion was that, but a lot of my relatives (local and outstations) all gather in a house (I also have no idea whose house was that). Then, one of my cousin together with my dad, hubby and I were standing outside of the house preparing to do something (do not know what thing). Suddenly, out of nowhere, my cousin got this box of firework and getting ready to lit it. I quickly rushed into the house to grab my digital camera. I lie down on top of a bed of soft greenish grass and managed to capture the spectacular view of fireworks burst into a rain of light. So beautiful ! I can even remember that I saw purple, green, blue, white and yellow colour fireworks. Yes, my dreams have colours.

According to this website, ** watching fireworks burst into a rain of light in the sky is an omen of great good fortune ahead, particularly in romance **. Hahaha....romance with hubby...? Hmm...maybe we are going to have something special like a romantic dinner, a romantic holiday or a romantic Sunday?


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