Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Growing up again

The feelings of being a mum are great. As a mother to a two and a half year old toddler and a going-to-be seven months baby, I can join them in their world to grow up all over again. The things we did together reminds me of my childhood times. I could .......

1) baby talk
2) Listening to nursery rhymes and sing together
3) read children's story books
4) stack up Lego sets together to built whatever I can
5) fold paper aeroplane
6) rushing to the clown in a shopping complex just to get a balloon
7) feeding tortoises and fishes
8) drawing
9) going to the playground

However, being a mum, things I CAN'T DO when the kids are around......

1) going to a movie
2) shopping hassle-free
3) wake up late on Sunday and holidays
4) going to a buffet
5) going for a facial treatment at the beauty center

bla bla bla.....continue continue......so many things I can't do but being a mum is still the best!


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