Friday, April 3, 2009

The happy moments

Last Sunday, we went to the karaoke @ Green Box with my SILs. It was not a planned activity but we somehow ended up there enjoying ourselves singing for about 3 hours. This is the first time YX followed us to the karaoke and am glad that he enjoyed very much. The karaoke provided nursery rhymes too and YX sang a few namely :

1) Happy Birthday
2) Fingers song
3) Doll of clay

The nursery rhymes MTV was actually shot by TWINS (the popular Hong Kong girl group which was now splited due to one of the member was invovled in a sex scandal photos). With their cute smile and petite size, I think they are very suitable to shot this kind of MTV. Remember the above nursery rhymes? Well, I learned them while I accompany my kids watching them.

XJ also enjoying herself listening to the songs but she slept after about an hour we were there. Even with the loud speakers, she still managed to sleep in my arm. How comfortable.
Well, the below photo is not related to the karaoke sessions. But it suits this post title. It is really a happy moments seeing them growing up so fast day by day.

Now, XJ can sit on the 'walker'. She loves it as she have all the freedom to move around. Just that at times, that naughty YX will push the 'walker', so we have to be extremely careful. This 'walker' was once used by YX. Its a present given to us by some friends when YX was born. Being the youngest will always have to use the 2nd hand things. Even the pyjamas XJ was wearing in the above photo belongs to YX when he was still a baby. XJ, don't worry, you will have a lot of brand new dress!


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