Friday, April 24, 2009


Bye bye to my Taiwan plan. Well, just got the news from here that booking actually started today and travelling period is from Jul 2009 - Jan 2010. Its too impromtu. I thought I still have at least 2 months plus to decide but ...... aii......maybe next time.

Mum and dad are also not sure whether to go or not as they had already booked for a trip to Yogjakarta, Indonesia in Jul 2009. and travel..........

But am looking forward for a Public Holiday which falls on 26 October 2009 - Installation of Negeri Sembilan's Yang Di-Pertuan Besar to replace the late one who passed away Dec last year. You might be so big deal for a PH. For me, a PH (especially falls on either Saturday or Monday) are very precious as this is the only time hubby and I could go for a short holiday (2D/1N). Ya...working in family business is very difficult to apply for leaves what more have to hear FIL nagging and nagging......very headache.

I still remember hubby got a hard time we went to Bali, Indonesia in early Feb 2005 with my parents, MIL and youngest SIL. Before applying for the leaves, FIL nag and nag. After the trips, he continues to nag and nag. Even telling customers "Ai, nowadays young people very good life. Work for a short period, but plan for a long holidays". :( So, to apply for leaves.......very difficult!


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