Thursday, April 30, 2009

Vouchers Vouchers

See how time flies. Today is already the last day of the month, which marks the beginning of a brand new month tomorrow. I cannot remember if I did any meaningful thing in this month of April, but the time are just ticking away. All I can remember was I've been sleeping around 11.30pm almost everynight. Putting my two little ones to bed are a BATTLE! *YAWN* I'm just hopping I could sleep more.

Last night, was a 'voucher' day for us. I had 2 RM10 Starbucks vouchers while SIL got 1 RM20 Kenny Rogers voucher, so we intend to use it on the same night. First, we went to the Starbucks for a drink. SIL ordered the Chocolate Frappuccino which taste not too bad while I ordered their new product of the month Dark Berry Mocha Frappuccino which taste yuccky! Maybe the Berry taste was too strong and when mixed with coffee, the taste was weird. However, SIL said it was ok.

After the drinks, we proceed to the Kenny Rogers which is located just opposite of the Starbucks. We order our usual favourite - Quarter Meal and I order the Caesar Salad which I've seen many people order but have not tried on it at all. Everytime when we dine in Kenny Rogers, we will only order the chicken and will ignore the rest, but that night, I'm really tempted to try.

Hmm....when the meals arrived, I just can't wait to taste the Caesar Salad. Suddenly hubby said
"Wei, see if you daughter shit is it? I can smell something smelly". Ai....I was forced to put down my fork and quickly check on XJ (I was carrying her at that time because forgot to bring the pram). "No la. Where got shit. But then, I can also smell something err....smelly", I replied. Both my SIL also thought the same. Then, all 4 of us suddenly look at that plate of Caesar Salad, give a light sniff and laugh like mad! Gosh! The smell really came from the Caeser Salad. The dressing and the cheese are smelly but the taste - WONDERFUL!

It is sourish, juicy and creamy. The fresh vegies being used are crispy and blended very well with the dressing and cheese - not too sour nor salty. The toasted bread pieces gives you the crunchy feeling while the chicken breast meat are full of pepper smell. Very delicious indeed. I will definately going to order the Caesar Salad again in my next visit.

Between, that was our supper......that was why 4 of us are sharing out.


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