Monday, April 6, 2009

Lucky to be alive

In my previous post, I did wrote about the stormwind disaster which destroyed part of FIL's workshop roofs. Well, FIL assigned a contracter specialized in roofing works to do the necessary 'renovations'. All the workers are foreigner with only 2 local chinese men being their supervisor instructing them at work.

As the roofs were totally wreck, they will have to remove the zinc pieces by pieces with their bare hands. You can imagine that few foreign workers, about 4-5 of them will have to climb to the roof tops while another 3-4 of them waiting at the bottom to receive the zinc. The only tool they use is rope. Not to tide themselve for safety but to tide the zinc so that they can control the movement from top to the bottom. After about 9 hours (as they start work at 8am and finishes at 5pm), all the zinc were sucessfully removed.

The next day, they continue to work. This time, they will have to remove the 'frame' (steels which form the sides and middle of the roofs in order to place the zinc on top of it). I do not know what it is call, so I name it 'frame'. Again, the only tool they use is rope. The steels are so heavy where I could see the workers are always balancing themselves, just like standing on the beam in the gymnastic.

So there was I standing near the office glass door looking at them and suddenly to my horror, one of the worker fell to the ground. It is about 2 stories high. That reminds me of a sucide case in the apartment which I stayed in KL a few years ago. By the time I came back from work, I saw a few policemen around with lots of 'concern citizens' surrounding the area. Only reaching home, my landlord told me he saw the man jumping down. So I can actually imagine the whole scenario. So scary. Yeeww!

Now, back to the worker who fell, heard from his co-worker, his leg was broken and required an operations. Hope he is recoupling well and he is actually lucky to be ALIVE!

And to add to this story, after the fall, the boss finally uses a crane to remove the 'frame' instead of using only human's strength. If only the crane was used ealier.......


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