Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Warm warm water

YX is really a mischevious child. Sometime, things we thought he will not do / do not know how to do, eventually proof us wrong. He DID it.

MIL gave us a shocking news again. As YX has grown a little bit taller, when he stands on top of a stool, he will be able to reach to the table top (which is quite high). While MIL was at the kitchen for a few seconds, YX managed to grab a thermos containing hot water (lucky it was not boiling water) and pour onto XJ's milk bottle (2nd time lucky again, as he did not pour the warm water onto his sister). He bring the milk bottle to the kitchen and shouted "Ah Ma......你看,有温温水." (Got warm water)

Aiii.......3rd time lucky YX did not scald himself nor scald XJ. the thermos was being kept even higher so he could not reach. What a naughty boy.


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