Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ikan Bakar @ BBQ Fish

Had Ikan Bakar yesterday night for supper. Ya, just the fish and a glass of cold ice lemon tea. This stall is situated near our house. They does not offer much variety, only fish and lala (clam) but the chilli used was indeed perfect! We had String Ray which I think is the best fish to be use for Ikan Bakar. The special taste about this Ikan Bakar is they use two types of chilli, one which is a bit sour and another one is the belachan type. Hubby prefer the belachan taste which I think both types of chilli taste delicious to me. However, today I went to the toilet twice. Not food poisoning but the chillis are 'cleaning' my stomach......wow....such a wonderful feelings. I know it sounded GROSS, but my stomach are very much lighter now! hahaha


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