Monday, April 13, 2009

Just day dreaming......

I love to day dreams. Be it during bathe time, while driving or waiting in a queue. I day dream of almost everything that appeared in the movie, from good to bad. Sometimes I wonder if the day dreams becomes reality, how will I handle them. Will I be contented or will I be afraid to face it. Well, it is just a day dream.........


1) A tyoon's daughter, with bodyguard protecting me, a chauffeur driving me around in those luxury car and a personal maid serving me.

2) A celebrity. Have supporters and receive honoured invitations to attend the Awards ceremony and of course wining some awards too!

3) Own a cake shop in a medium type of shoplot selling my favourite pastries and cakes. Design my own products and creating my own receipes

4) A journalist especially those focus on the entertainment industries and can interview my favourite artises, have a meal with them and befriend with them.

5) A SAHM (stayed at home mum), taking care of my own kids, decorate the house, cook, BUT must have a maid to do the household chores.

6) As a food and travel presenter. So I could travel around the world and try out new foods and can appear in the TV!

*** I'm not telling you ***

So, do I want my day dreams to become a reality? No..., I just love my life now and I will continue to day dreamssssss.


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