Thursday, April 23, 2009


Here comes the naughty YX again. Almost everyday, he will come up with some new tricks to made us anxious and angry at the same time. I wonder if he really mean it or he is not aware at all of his michevious behaviour. Some said, "He is just a toddler, be easy"....... hai.....

Yesterday, on our way back home after work, MIL called hubby. "Your son is in the toilet. He locked himself inside!"

We got so worried and rushed back ASAP. However, YX does not seems to be afraid. He was enjoying PLAYING WITH WATER instead! We called on him to open the door, teaching him how to unleash the door.....but our effort was not answered. He is enjoying himself with the water inside. We could hear the water flowing sound.

At the end, hubby had to use a long pole to push the leash open via the window. Before that, there were few complicated steps to open up the closed window. Ahh.....finally we managed to release YX. He did not cry at all, and all he does was showing us his 'prune skin' fingers due to soak with water for too long. " You see, my skin old old already".


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