Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rice + Soup = ???

Do you like to eat rice mixed with a bowl full of soup together? For me, No. It taste yuckky! Just had that yesterday dinner. Not that I wanted to, but I have to. I used to feed YX with rice + soup so it will not be too dry for a toddler to eat. He does not like gravy, therefore, soup is the best alternatives. Normally, he will finished the whole bowl, but yesterday, maybe he does not have the 'mood' to eat, therefore, he did not eat it. In order not to waste food, I ate it instead.

I really don't like the taste. It does not taste like porridge, nor taste like rice. It taste funny. At the end, I scoop up all the rice and put it in another bowl. Yea......that taste more like rice.

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  1. we used to eat like that when we were young. easier to telan, hehe...

    hi, thanks for dropping by my blog. congrats to your new blog. it is surely great to have everything captured and I hope my kids will be able to read it in future.


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