Friday, April 17, 2009

Roti Sardine

I used to order Roti Sardine when I was young. Due to the creativity of the seller, my taste changed to other type of Roti. During college time, my usual order will be Roti Tisu, Roti Pisang or Roti Planta. And must be accompanied by a glass of hot Teh Tarik.

Today, I challanged myself to eat Roti Sardine again, after so many years of not eating it. I guess it is around 8 - 9 years already. can guess my age.

Wow....the taste was YUMMY. I never thought that I will still like Roti Sardine. You know, sometimes our taste might shift according to our age. But, the taste of Roti Sardine still remains after so many years. Onion and cilli was added into the sardine and it was a PERFECT combinations! Dipping into the curry gravy enhanced the taste better and due to the hot weather today, I choose to drink Teh O ice Limau (Ice lemon tea).
* burp* ... satisfying!


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