Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Singh jokes

This morning I had a good laugh at a customer's office. Went over to collect cheque. While waiting, one of the staff (there are about 5 staffs) was laughing to herself and then she shouted "Listen everyone, here got some good jokes about Singh". By the way, the company I went was operated by a Singh family and all the 5 staffs in the office are family members. The jokes goes....

Singh who likes to SAIL = Karpal Singh
Singh who likes to DRINK = Yum Sing
Singh who likes to FIGHT = SamSeng
Singh who likes ROUNDABOUT = Pusing
Singh who likes 2 BALLS = BALANCING
Singh who likes to SCOLD people = TIU NIA SING

Hahaha....pardon me for the rude word and for all the SINGH friends who happen to read this, please do not take it to your heart. This is just a jokes to share. Hope you guys enjoy it. I really had a good laugh at this. Some kind of people with this kind of creative brain!


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