Thursday, April 23, 2009

Supper Time

The below pictures are our supper yesterday night. Not very heavy.....a total of 4 of us eating. Sorry for the half eaten food pictures. Heheheh....cannot resist it when it was serve, so after a few bites only remember to take pictures. This pau can only be found in Seremban (as far as I know). It is call 'Wo Pau' - do not know what is the meaning.

Do you know what is the yellow colour thing? It is actually CAKE. The white colour is the pau.

The filling? It is 'char siew' (pork seasons with sweet sauce). The char siew being used are very genuine meaning no fatty pork being added. Some pau with char siew fillings added too much fatty pork and it makes you eat half and spit out half. The taste? Hmm......if you like buttery taste, then this is suitable for you. The cake is not very sweet but fluffy and soft. Eating the 3 ingreadient together is just perfect as the sweetness from the char siew will be absorb by the pau while the cake gave you a full buttery flavour. After eating something comes the main dish...........

Ikan Bakar. I did post on this previously but without photos. So, here is a fully untouched Ikan Bakar. Heheh...everyone allowed me to take the picture before 'attacking' the fish. The green colour is Okra (some called lady's fingers). The 2 type of chilli pastes are being covered by the okra, one sour and one belachan. Hmm....I love both chillies. It is indeed very spicy and the fish (we choosen stringray), were very tender. I ate the belachan chilli paste first, then only ate the sour chilli paste......, then I ate both chillies together. Hmm.......I love both. The belachan is saltier but very fragance with fried shallot taste while the sour one is more appetizing with a tamarind taste.

And this drink is a must......... Teh O Ais Limau (Ice lemon tea). Hmm.....sorry was half drank only I remember to take a picture of it. 2 'Limau Kasturi' (lime) was added into the thick Teh O (english tea without milk) and loads of ice. Its sour, very flavourful of tea fragance and cold! Yummy......and today I already went to the toilet twice. Hahahha.....due to the chillies again!


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