Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tau Sah Piah

SIL gave me 1 piece of 'Tau Sah Piah' (chinese biscuit with mung bean fillings) for breakfast this morning. Ya...only 1 piece. Actually her friend gave her 2 pieces and she was kind enough to offer me 1. Hehehe.....Very nice.

Sometimes, breakfast is such a headache. Don't know what to eat. So, eating Tau Sah Piah with a cup of hot MILO will do. As long as it does keep me full for a while. I guess by 10.30 am, I will sure go hungry again. Arrggg....lunch time is at 12 noon.....still a long way to go.

Here is the picture of my breakfast. This is not a usual Tau Sah Piah..........

It's mung bean + meat floss. Yummy......It is the salty type. Tau Sah Piah have 2 types of taste - Sweet and Salty. I personally prefer the salty type. With the meat floss added into it, really bring out the fragance. Moreover, both ingredient combined very well. This is the first time I ate such a special one. But where can I buy this?
Hmm...I turn the packaging and read the small wording printed on it : Manufactured in Teluk Intan, Perak. Then, I continue to read again.....Wah! very happy to read: Distributed by XX company @ MIDVALLEY Shopping center. Hurray.......I can made a trip up to Midvalley this coming weekend to buy some back.
Anyway, it has been quite a long time hubby and I did not go up to KL. So, will be planning to go over during this coming precious Sunday!


  1. Hi, thanks for dropping by :) hey, i love Tau Sa Piah too, both sweet and salted. Have not tried any with meat floss yet..*hint...hint*...

  2. Mummy to QQ: The taste is fabulous. You should try it yourself. Really yummy. The *hint*... go and get it yourself at Midvalley. Hehehe....


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