Saturday, April 18, 2009

What a bad day

I called mum around 12 noon today just to check if they had arrived or not, and mum said they just arrived. I always felt worry when they were on the road. So, I will estimate their arrival time and call to check. I felt relieved when I heard that they had arrived safely. Then, mum continued....

"papa's car need a good repair".

"Huh! Why? What happen?"

"When papa wants to overtake an overloaded lorry in front of him, there was an on coming car, so he did not manage to step on the break in time. Thus, he bang onto the lorry".

Gosh! That was terrible. I felt scare but later, my mind told me that since they both arrived safely at my brother's house, then it should be ok. Mum assured me that both she and dad are fine. Just that the car needs a repair.

What a bad day. Dad has been a very careful and patient driver, but he can be careless at times. Maybe he is wishing for a new Proton Exora!


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