Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What's for breakfast

Just had a slice of cake for breakfast - L'Opera from Baker's Cottage. Yummy yummy.....I love this cake especially the pastry crump spread on the top.

Yesterday, they had a promotion, buy 2 slices of cake at RM5.90 where they normally sells at RM4.90 per slice. It's not an expired one ok! So, I grab two without hesitating due to the irresistible price and the irresistible look of the cake.

A few years back, my in - laws bought this cake to celebrate hubby's late grandma's Birthday, and I fell in love with the cake from that day on. Grandma passed away in 2005, 5 months before our wedding. Glad that she managed to attend our registration day a year before our wedding took place.

Cakes and pastries are my favourite. I will try not to think of the calories, I just eat and eat. Yummy yummy!


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