Friday, April 3, 2009

Xi Tao Poh (Lady boss) ?

I felt disgusted when customers who are not so familiar with our organization addressed her as 'xi tao poh' (meaning Lady Boss) and she goes HHMMM (acknowledge). Yucks!

Why is she so thick skin? How can she felt so comfortable when someone addressed her wrongly? Is it because too many poeple used to address her like that until she is too lazy to explain the situation again and again?

There is one time when she was on leave and a customer asked me "Where is xi tao poh?" And I said, 'xi tao poh' is at home (referring to my MIL), do you mean the CLERK? She is on leave today". Hahaha....and the customer when :O uuhh...she is a clerk ar. I though otherwise. I felt so happy after declaring her status correctly.

And now I wonder, how come people can just simply ASSUME her status without clarify first?


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