Thursday, May 14, 2009

8 months old

XJ is now 8 months old. Brought her to the clinic for the follow-up appointment recently and her weight is now 7.3 kg. Up from 6.6 kg in March 2009.

Even the weight graph showed there is an increase in the weight, however, the margin of the increase is consider low compared to YX when he was a baby. I looked back at the appointment card of YX at 8 months, he already gained 8.5 kg. However, I know every baby are different.

> XJ still cannot sit unsupported. She will either fall to the side or front.
> No sign of teething yet
> Still does not know how to crawl

But .......

> XJ can call out papa, 'baba', and shout aaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr when she is excited
> knows how to move very fast in her walker
> loves to eat porridge with fish
> loves to eat bread
> turn over to her front, then turn over to her back and so forth. She enjoy turning around in the bed
> have seperation anxiety. Whenever she see us walking pass her (either to the kitchen or toilet), she will follow behind and sometimes cry out loud hopping we will carry her.
> Once carry her, she will automatically waved bye bye.
> Will push her body towards the door, telling you she wants to go 'kai-kai'

and the most important is > she sleeps soundly at night, straight from 10 pm - 6 am. At least I could sleep well too!


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