Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dunkin' Donuts

This morning, I went to Putrajaya (to one of the government office) to settle some office stuffs. It is like at least once a month I will need to go there. Normally, I will leave the office at around 8 am, and reached there an hour later. Traffics are usually not heavy - nothing like the traffics in KL downtown = always jammed. Between, the government office which I went have ample of FREE parking spaces, and a canteen which provide delicious malay foods.

After I'm done with my stuffs, it was already 10.15 am and I'm thinking to buy back our lunch, since eating around the office is getting bored. We have been eating there almost every Mon -Sat, so there are not much of choices. How nice if there is a McD nearby so we could lunched on their special offer for selected burgers only. Too bad, nearby our office do not have any fast food outlets.

While driving along the highway, I was thinking hard on what's for lunch. Chicken rice? No. Economy rice? No. Pizza? Very tempted, but it will not taste nice when it is cold. Still have at least 1.5 hour before our lunch time. So, no. KFC? No. So what should I eat? Then, I remember there is a Dunkin Donuts outlet at the Rest Area and I stopped to see what Donuts shall I eat for lunch today. Something special isn't it if comparing to rice and noodle which we have been eating almost everyday.

To my surprise, its not the donuts that caught my eye. It is the Sandwiches. I really did not know that Dunkin Donuts sell sandwhiches. All the time at Dunkin Donuts outlet, I will NEVER look at their menu, but LOOKING at their beautiful donuts on the shelf. However, today the huge banner display at this Dunkin outlet really caught my eye. I saw Sandwhiches.

Here are our lunch ........

My all time favourite - Croissant with Tuna fillings. Too bad the croissant was not toast, so it did not bring out the buttery smell. However, the Tuna are awesome. No fishy smell, creamy and generously spread.

Iced caffe latte. It is a set meal which comes with a drink. Very fragance coffee aroma, slightly sweet and cold. Just nice for such a HOT weather.
As for my hubby, I bought a Smoked Chicken Breast sandwhich for him. I ought to choose this because it is the Dunkin's Wednesday special - 50% discount. ;)
As he does not eat cold meat (the fillings are cold), I will have to toast the meat when I got back to the office. Otherwise, I will be hearing him nagging and nagging about the cold sandwhich. Very Ah Pek (old man in Hokkien).

The chicken breast being toasted in the oven. I have to made sure I do not burnt the meat!

See.....8 pieces of precious meat.

And his sandwhich is done! I choose the oatmeal bun for this. The bun is not toast as well, so it is a bit hard. However, the smoked chicken breast are very tasty. It is salty with a light smoked smell, very tender and juicy. Too bad, they did not add in fresh onion, otherwise it will bring out the taste even better. Well, I did not toast the bun myself because both sandwhiches are already spread with a layer of mayonnaise, some fresh lettuce and a piece of tomato. It will be a very messy job.

The total I paid for our lunch today. Double the price of what we usually ate, but it is worth it. At least something different.


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