Saturday, May 9, 2009

Her first Wave

In another 3 more days, XJ will be turning 8 months old. Still no sign of teething.

Now, she has the seperation anxiety. Whenever she is on the walker, she will follow us behind, even into the kitchen. However, if she did not manage to follow us, she will cry as loud as she can. Yesterday was also the first day she shown us her first wave.

MIL was carrying her and she was so happy (showing happy smile with mouth wide open but no sound). Then, she push her body towards the door, just like telling MIL that she wants to go out. So, MIL walk towards the door and told her to wave us 'bye bye' which she eventually did it. I do not know if this is a co-incident or she really knows how to wave.

My girl has grown up. :)


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