Saturday, May 2, 2009


One day of holiday just went by like fast. Many are still on holidays as today is Saturday, but hubby and I need to work. :( But my mood will change to :) since tomorrow is Sunday! A holiday for us again.

Yesterday went for shopping 1/2 day and spent the remaining 1/2 day at home. Managed to buy 3 pieces of T-shirt and a pair of jeans. Am really glad in such a short time, managed to buy something.

Hubby took YX with him while I took XJ. little girl are good. She was sleeping so soundly while I was busy looking for my stuffs. Once I made my payment at the cashier, she woke up and smile at me! Ha....look at how obedient she is : )

Now is around 3.20 pm....hurray....another 1.5 hour we can go home....and hubby plan to go to Malacca for a short trip tonight. Actually this plan was delayed again and again for weeks already. Few months back, we went to Malacca to visit my aunt in the Mahkota Hospital and we noticed that Malacca was very beautiful at night with all the lighting lit so brightly. YX was also so excited when he saw the beca (trishaw) decorated with beautiful lights. As we were rushing for time that day, we plan to come back some other time.

Hope it is not raining............

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