Saturday, May 23, 2009


Very happy because tonight, after work, we will be going back to Johor. To my so called hometown, my parents home. Actually, when people asked me where is my hometown, I will always replied "I grew up and studies in Batu Pahat, but shifted to Segamat after SPM". I will never reply that Segamat is my hometown ;) because I did not really stay there for long. After shifted to Segamat, I left for KL to further my studies. And after studies, I continue to stay in KL to work before got married, and now based in Seremban.

Well, I still miss Batu Pahat as all my childhood memories are built there. The last time I visited BP was during my ex-classmate's wedding in early 2006. As the wedding was held in the afternoon, hubby and I managed to drive around BP after the wedding ceremony and ended our 'tour' in the glutton square near the riverside for some delicious foods that I really missed! That moment was really unforgettable. And I was so proud to show hubby my beloved hometown, the place where I grew up since birth.


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