Wednesday, May 6, 2009


These few days, weather over here is damn hot. Even when the sky seems to be covered with dark cloud in the afternoon, rain does not arrive. The cloud just drifted away. I think it is going to be almost a week it did not rain. Arr...good to dry cloths but bad weather for us.

I'm now down with sore throat. Maybe due to the heat. I've been drinking plenty of water but still does not help. I think I drink almost 2 liter of water in the office and a few more small glasses at home. So in total it should be 2 liter plus of water. At least I think I drank a lot though. now I'm going to made a glass of cold honey. Mum told me pure honey helps to soothe sore throat. This is what I got from the honey box:

Sore Throat : Take 1 spoon of honey into the throat and hold it for a few minutes. Take a few times a day. Or, drink honey with water in the morning and evening regularly.

Hmm....going to try that today see if it helps.

Besides, honey are also very good for treating wound/burns, lose of voice, insomnia and constipation. I did not know honey have so much of usage. Let me share some tips with you here:

1) Wound/Burns : Apply honey to wounded area for treating inflammation and avoiding scar

2) Lose of voice : Drink honey water with Lemon juice

3) Insomnia : Drink honey with warm water. Drink before bedtime

4) Constipation : Drink honey with warm water. Add some salt into the warm water, then add honey and take every morning and evening.

5) Treatment of cold and flu : Boil apple in water, then drink it with honey when it is warm. Or slice ginger and cook with 500 ml of water until boiling, take it up and wait until warm, then add honey and drink.

Honey is so useful........and it is delicious to drink too!


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