Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I miss him

For the past 2 days I could finally sleep early and can even save up my energy as does not need to chase and shout at YX. The whole house is so 'peaceful' but a bit boring thou. Hmm...you must be wondering why? Because my YX is currently in Johor!

That weekend we went back to Johor for my cousin's wedding, YX wanted to stay back with my parents. I do not know if it is because we did told him earlier and he seems to understand it. I have been repeating to him for the whole week before we went back to Johor. I told him "YX stay with gong-gong and popo in Johor, papa & mama come back and work, ok"? and he will always replied "Ok". So, after the wedding, we told him we are going back now and he must be a good boy, listen to gong-gong and popo and he seems ok. He waved bye bye to us.

Hmm.....and for the past 2 days, my mum told me YX does not even mentioned papa & mama and does not seems to be looking for us too.

However, both hubby and I MISSed him soooo much. The whole house is so different without him around. Hope he enjoy his little holidays in Johor. :)


  1. so nice. just treat it as a break for yourself :)

  2. Thks Chinnee. Am glad my parents will be able to relieve me once in a while. At least I can focus on my daughter more in these few days.


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