Thursday, May 14, 2009

Into the bin

Recently, I have a craved for biscuits. After lunch, I felt like nibbled something, otherwise, I felt so uncomfortable. As I had run out of biscuits (all CNY cookies are finished !), one fine day during lunch time, I went to the Chinese provision shop to grab a packet of my 'childhood' biscuits. Have not been eating these for so long. Here you are.........

...the 'biskut rokok'. I remember during my younger days, I used to eat this type of biscuit which until now, I do not know the actual name, but will always named it 'biskut rokok'. It does look like a shape of cigarette, doesn't it? After so many years, it is still so delicious, not oily, taste a little sweetness and crunchy.

I poured out a few and kept into this container for my convinnence - as just open the lid and can pop one into my mouth. Maybe due to my laziness as well as does not need to untie the rubber band and tie back again after eating. However, little did I realised that this container is NOT AIR - TIGHT at all !!!

Therefore, those biscuits in this container turned soft... :(
Then, I remember there is an oven in the office's pantry and I quickly grab those soft biscuits and hope to re-bake them, so they are edible again. Due to my lack of cooking experience, take things for granted attitude, day dreaming and foolishness, my poor biscuits turned out to be like this.........

....burnt ! :( Gosh....I thought I could save them but at the end, I made the matter worse. I was actually standing right in front of the oven, waiting for the biscuits to be done, but did not notice they turned black! Not until I smelt something burning, then only I realised it was too late!

So, those biscuits are put into this recycle envelope ........

....fold up like this.......and.....

..... all the way into the BIN!


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