Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mobile line bar

Yesterday wanted to call mum and dad. Hubby's phone was just next to me, so I used his instead. Upon calling, there was a voice message saying the line was interrupted. I thought my dad's handphone low in battery or no signal. Therefore, I tried to call home (fixed line). Gosh...the same message repeated again.

Me: Wei...you did not pay your phone bill ar? (Hubby was using the Value Plus 50)
Hubby: I just went to made payment yesterday *showing me the bill*
Me: Your phone cannot call out

Hubby tried to call my phone and the same message repeated again. Then, he proceeded to call the 24 hour customer service for assistance. To his surprised, the customer service guy told him his line was being barred due to certain reasons. Hubby asked "What reasons? I've just paid my bill yesteday." The guy checked and replied "Incomplete information".

Then the guy sense something was not right and quickly said "must be some misunderstanding. We will activate your line immediately".

Gosh......so complicated. Until now, we are not sure why the line was being barred. Hubby pay all his bills on time and never use above limits.

Arrr.......finally the line was being activated. Maxis maxis......what happen?


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