Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Online photos printing

Yesterday, I was on cloud 9! I received another parcel. WooHoo......but this time, it is not a gift. It is my own online purchase! Yes, this is the first time I purchase something online. Was worried at first, but after reading the terms and conditions, I think it is more convinnence then worried that overwrites me.

Received via Skynet courier service. I directed the items to be sent to my office, and this guy who deliver my thing was good. He is very familiar with the area and within minutes after he called me to reconfirm my location, he arrived.

The items were well sealed and packed in a small box. I'm very happy with the packaging as it protected my items.

Photos being inserted into the normal album and well protected again with a layer of thicker cover.

Total 3 albums. The price is simply irresistible. Rm0.30 / piece for 4R and RM0.50 / piece for 5R.

And they surprised me with this FREE GIFT! A 4R photo frame.
Am really happy with this purchase. I ordered on Friday evening around 4.30pm and received my items on Tuesday morning around 9.30am. No hassle at all and the customer service reply my enquiries via e-mail super fast! You can visit their website here.


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