Thursday, May 21, 2009

A random shot

Photo sessions with the kids are never easy. It is not just a mere snap and done. And after so many shots, only a handfuls are perfect. You have to made sure they show their best smile, sit / stand in the correct possition and gave the best post for a good shot. However, whenever I click on the camera, most of the outcome is not what I wanted. Somehow, some turned out to be rather funny!

I have actually placed XJ sitting in the middle, but when I clicked on my camera, she already lie down like this. Her butt is still in place, but not her other parts of the body.

This photo was not meant to be like this. I keep on calling her, asking her to look at the camera screen, but she ignored me. She prefer the story book more. Then, being the impatient me, I just click away on the camera and caught this instead! (The book was actually close and XJ just happen to open it when I click on the camera).

I never took any picture of her eating solid, so I thought maybe I should do it. I scooped up a spoonful of porridge and getting ready for a shot, but she just does not want to open her mouth. After a few clicks, all she did was busy touching the spoon and porridge (mouth still close). Afraid of the mess, I just show her an almost empty spoon and there she goes - OPEN her mouth wide!

Ouch! Hahaha....I like this! She was playing with her brother's toy - Ultraman (courtesy of gong-gong). I just randomly click on the camera and caught her like this.

"Yucks! mei mei licking her dirty toes"! This is how YX must have thought. Look at his face. Disgusted!
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