Friday, May 15, 2009

Self-declare holiday

What a relieve when I heard both my parent-in-laws are confirmed going to Malacca TOMORROW for a day trip to visit one of the factory for some business. Meaning, I will have to stay at home and take care of my baby girl.

Actually, FIL did not even mentioned about the baby even though he knows it is impossible to bring the baby along. Last night during dinner time, MIL told me about this trip and said that I will have to take care of the baby myself. Then, I took up this opportunity to self declare a holiday for myself. FIL just kept quiet which I assumed he approved. As the saying goes 'Silent means consent'. FIL must have been expecting me to bring the baby to the office, but I have dissapoint him by saying I will stay at home instead.

Anyway, I will definately have to stay at home tomorrow to be a full time mum and enjoy my every seconds with the little one. It is just impossible to bring the baby to the office. To bring one little baby, you will have to bring a car full load of things. Eg. cradle, walker, toys, diapers, extra cloths, slow cooker to cook porridge, bowl, baby spoon, milk powder, bla many things! Isn't it better for me to stay at home instead?


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