Friday, May 8, 2009


Yesterday, YX creates another devil act. He use his toy animals to poke baby XJ's eye. It missed her eye but there is a small cut at the side of her eye lid. Poor baby.

Hubby was thinking to bring YX to work so he could be temporary seperated with his little sister. However, what is YX going to do for about 9 hours in the office? What can I let him do to occupy his time? Everything he do will only last for 5 minutes.

He does not sit still to watch cartoon
He will not play with his toy long
He is too active moving around

So what can I do? Haiiiii.......MIL said "Kids at this age is like that la. Just got to wait till he grows up a little, then the devil in him will go away".

Hope today he is not going to create another headache for all of us. YX year we will be going to enrol you into preschool and hope the teacher there will discipline you well. Or will the teacher be calling me everyday to say "Your son hurt another classmate". or the teacher will say "Your son very naughty. Today do this, tomorrow do that". Sigh.......

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  1. u'll b surprise to find out that they behave very very well with teachers. only bully parents :(


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