Friday, May 15, 2009

Spring Kids - the online shopping

It is sometime great to have blogs in the cyberspace to share experiences, thoughts, ideas and even online business. I happen to visit Leonny's blog and found that she has officially launch her own online business. Leonny is a mother of 2 who currently resides in Singapore. Her new venture include selling clothings, shoes and accessories for kids as well as adults. You can have a variety of choice from here.

She even conduct a contest give-away on her blog for the lucky 8. You just have to follow some simple instructions in order to be eligble to take part in the contest. I actually took part in this contest and hope to be one of the lucky one. ;)

Frankly speaking, I've never tried online shopping. Everytime when I'm tempted to try, after several thoughts, I will drop the idea. Maybe I should give myself some courage to try. It will be fun when the items you purchased are being delivered directly to your door step. Just like receiving presents / parcels for some special occasions. It will definately brighten up your dull day!


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