Monday, May 11, 2009

Wedding on Mother's Day

The only cousin (maternal side) who was 'dating' has finally tied the knot yesterday @ Mother's Day. It is a brilliant idea to arrange a marriage in conjunction with Mother's Day as many who attended the wedding, especially those from outstation got to spend quality time with their mother too.

On the stage during the wedding lunch, the groom was being asked why he choose this day for his wedding and he replied in a very simple way "Because today is Mother's Day, a meaningful day". The bride continues "I wish both my parents Happy Parents Day and to all the parents here, Happy Parents Day to you too".

It is very touching but this reflects sad memories to me and I believe to my mum and some relatives too. Because both the groom's parents already passed away. My aunt, who is my mum's eldest sister will definately be the happiest mother on earth if she is here to witness her only son's wedding and I believe, that will be the best Mother's Day gift for her too. However, she left us about 6 years ago due to cancer.

During her 3rd death anniversary, older relatives marked the day of 'pantang' is over and advised my cousin he could get married already (That time he was already in a relationship). However, just as he wish to plan, his father passed away due to heart failure. Another 3 years of 'pantang', another 3 years to wait and yesterday, he is finally married.

Wishing this newly wed couple have a blissful wedding and a great journey ahead.

And aunty & uncle, may you both rest in peace.


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