Friday, May 15, 2009

When the daddy did not keep the spectacle......

.....YX will treat it as a TOY!

It has been many times I reminded hubby to keep his spec at a higher place, so YX will not be able to reach it. However, he just won't listen. Ok, maybe he forgot or for his own convenience, he will just leave it where ever it is easy to reach.

To date, hubby has changed 3 spec because YX, the destroyer, destroyed them. Plus 1 of my MIL's spec. Sometimes, she also have the same habit as my hubby - simply put on the table and easy for YX to take and play with.

This photos was taken when hubby was taking his bathe. Again, he left it on the table top and YX with his sharp eyes and fast pace hands took it, twisted it and wore it. Luckily he did not broke it! Seeing him so cute, I quickly took a snap before hubby comes in and scream.

And I even helped him to put it on his head and said "quick quick smile and take picture before papa comes in". Oh no, I'm spoiling him :) Up till today, hubby still did not know about these photos, but will definately show him one of the day. Maybe I should show him earlier just to send him a message 'PLEASE KEEP YOUR SPEC OUT OF REACH' !!


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