Thursday, June 4, 2009


Since young, I loves to eat crabs. Be it stir fried with Marmite, cilli or just plain fried crabs, I just love them! Mum used to buy them from the wet market for RM6 - RM8 per kg but the price had since shoot up to RM16 - RM18 per kg. Some are even sold at RM20 ++ per kg for the bigger one. If eating in the seafood restaurants, 1 kg of crabs will cost about RM42. Its very costly.

A few minutes ago, dad called me asking "Do you want to eat crabs? We are now at the Seremban wet market". answer is of course YES! Dad and mum came up to Seremban again for a week stay before going back to Johor again.

So, tonight, I'm going over to my brother's house to enjoy my crabs thingy. How I miss them! ;)

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  1.'s sure good to be able to go and eat Mum's cooking again! For me, this is not very possible :-(


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