Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Doctor doctor !

Today is a doctor day for me. Why? Because since the whole morning, I've been in the clinic waiting for the doctor. First, I brought my FIL's worker to the dentist as he complaint of toothache. We arrived there at around 9.30 am and was told that the doctor will only be arriving at 10 am. Sound not so bad. Only a half an hour wait. However, at 10 am sharp, the doctor called to inform that he will be late and shall be in at around 10.30 am. Oh my, waiting at the clinic really makes me reciting this "Wasting my time only" inside my heart again and again. Finally, at around 11.10am, the doctor arrives and he only needs 15 minutes to treat the patient.

While waiting at the dentist, I received a call from my MIL. She told me that YX still had diarrhoea and advised me to bring him to a doctor. Oh my, doctor again! YX was having a diarrhoea since yesterday and a slight fever on Saturday afternoon. However, he is still active but does not have a good appetite for rice / porridge. So after the dentist, I send the worker back to the office and rush off to pick up YX to the clinic again.

Bringing YX to the clinic is such a horrible thing. In the car, I had already explain to him saying because he is not feeling well, therefore, we should go to see a doctor. He replied 'OK'. When we arrived, he entered the clinic without any problem. However, once the nurse called his name, he knew he will be seeing the doctor and thus, refusing to enter the room and crying out so loudly. Gosh! I was struggling to carry him (at now) and tried to calm him down. Only after the nurse offer him 1 vitamin tablet, he shut his mouth.

After seeing the doctor, he was very fast to bid goodbye and can even shake hand with the doctor. Another tough battle after that was MEDICINE! He just refuse to eat medicine even we offer him some sweets. In order to ensure he swallow some medicine, MIL and I have to force him by pressing his mouth open and catch his hand & leg tightly. My poor boy ;(

*** 12/6/09 ***
YX recovered. His appetite returns and as a bubbly child, he warms up our home again. I was happy to welcome him back, but at the same time, my headache returns. This little devil = Here comes TROUBLES!!!!


  1. choice, since the child refused to eat medicine, have to force it on him then...really no choice. Otherwise cannot heal!

  2. Yes Alice. We'll have to force him because there is no other choice. There is one time I added the medicine into his milk and he ended up refusing his milk after that! He was only 1 year plus that time.


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