Thursday, June 18, 2009

Government clinic not bad afterall

For the past few days I've been experiencing indisgestive and felt a lot of winds in the stomach. I had constipation too for 2 days but now am having diarrhoea. Uuurrgghhhh....what a bad bad omen.

So, I made a point to visit the doctor this morning just for the sake to convince myself it is just a minor indigestive problems and nothing else. As it was still early (around 7.30am), I decided to visit the government clinic (Klinik Kesihatan) which I have to passby in order to reach my office. It is located on the same route. To save time, I went to take the number first, went to the office to punch card, informed my FIL, then I returned to the clinic. The number I was given is at 1037 (and at that time they were only serving 1015). However, when I returned to the clinic, the number they were serving was already 1048. GOSH! My number was already being called. I quickly rushed to the resgistration counter and apologised for being late and hoping they did not ignore my number and ask me to get a new one. Phew! they still keep my card a side and my number is still valid! Plus the lady at the counter was friendly!

So, in I went to the waiting area for seeing the doctor. Less than 10 minutes, I was able to see the doctor and was surprise to see a chinese doctor! I even requested to do a full blood test (since I never did that before) to check if I have diabetics, high cholesterol and etc etc. The doctor was so obliging and without any much questions, he agreed and prepare a blood test form for me to have my blood taken. The wait at the blood test counter was not long at all. In less than 10 minutes as well, my number was called. The wait at the pharmacy to collect my medications was also very short and all in all, I only need less than 30 minutes in the clinic. And I was even given a follow up appointment next week (to see the same doctor again) to review on my blood results.

Today, I had a very good experience in the government clinic. No hassle, no unfriendly encounters, no long wait and the best of all, I only PAID RM1 nett!


  1. yes, apart having to wait, they are actually good with good medicine supply too :)

  2. Ya ya ya....they actually prescribe me with expensive medications for my gastric. Btw, thks for dropping by as I know u r very busy with your kids birthday preperation. ;)

  3. I clinics are actually not bad.

    About getting expensive medication for only RM1, that's a good thing. What's more we already paid for it thru the taxes we pay, right?

  4. haha..Alice, agreed..agreed. All paid thru taxes!


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